Density Separators

PETKUS Gravity Separator G Mid-Ex

PETKUS Gravity Separator GMid-Ex.png

The new PETKUS Gravity Separator GMid-Ex stands for precise sorting without compromise. An innovative tabletop sorts the product into heavy and light fractions. The controversial question, "what to do with the medium fraction?" no longer exists. The specially developed Mid-Ex zone precisely into heavy and light grains. The middle fraction is eliminated.


  • Careful and precise sorting into heavy and light product, without middle fraction

  • Adjustable vibration frequencies

  • Continuous longitudinal and latitudinal adjustment as well as electrical height adjustment

  • Quick and easily exchangeable table surface

  • Opening of the deck with the help of gas springs

  • Minimal vibration through bulk adjustment system

  • Uniform air pressure and distribution through optimized flow design

  • Location-independent operation and remote maintenance by Smart Service and Remote-Service

  • Storage and management of up to 500 different settings

  • Multilingual touch panel