Prairie Engineering has unique knowledge of seed and grain quality issues.

We know how to design facilities, processing and conditioning lines to maximize product quality. We are specialized in understanding the Ag process from an operation's point of view: we are Seedsmen.


Cleaning & sorting

  • Sorting systems

  • Cleaning facilities

  • Seed conditioning line

  • Parent soybean facility

  • Parent corn seed facility

  • Batch treater installation



  • Commercial seed dryer

  • Small lot box dryer

  • Single pass reversing seed dryer

  • Fluidized bed dryer


Bulk storage

  • In-ground bulk bin system

  • Above ground square bulk storage

  • Above ground round bin bulk storage

  • Soybean bulk storage tanks

Bagged corn seeds_iStock-856527110_m.jpg


  • Bulk packaging systems

  • Automated box filling system

  • Flexible packaging

  • Rigid packaging

  • Palletizing & depalletizing

  • Pallet wrapping and hooders


Material handling

  • Dust control systems

  • Case and lightweight unit conveyors

  • Pallet and heavy load conveyors

  • Weighing & feeding equipment

  • Vision inspection system