PAUL BROWN + Managing Director

With Prairie Since 2017

I have been involved in agriculture in some fashion my whole life and am passionate about feeding the world with the highest quality food possible. I live on a farm where we raise top quality Angus beef which our family sells to consumers. My dad, who is my hero, passed this passion to me and I have tried to pass it on to my family. Two of my children are involved in some form of food production. Professionally, my work at Prairie Engineering allows me to help our clients to provide the highest quality seeds and grains to their respective customers.


CURT DAVIS + Senior Director, Sales

With Prairie Since 2014

I became very interested in agriculture quite young; I grew up in Iowa, surrounded by farms and farmers. As a child, I spent a lot of time on my grandparent’s farm. I had the opportunity to do a college internship with a company that specialized in equipment, facilities design and construction for the seed industry and I was totally hooked. I learned that the challenge for the Ag Industry is to grow the world’s food supply for the coming years; and the Seed Industry challenge is to provide the best quality seed to help us attain that very important goal, year after year. The Seed Industry is the “Tip of the Spear” in the annual effort to feed the world’s population. The Seed Industry Is my passion and I am proud to be called a Seedsman.

Don FrancoisPortrait_web_light.jpg

DON FRANCOIS + Senior Director, Engineering

Started Prairie in 2001

I grew up on a farm right here in Iowa and agriculture has always been a part of me. People that like to get their hands dirty, the American farmers, they’re my heroes. My passion is gardening. We always had a huge garden, we produce almost half of what we consume in a year. With my kids, we exhibit at the local state fair in DesMoines; It started with 12 entries in 1998 and now I have over 140 entries. Because of my hobby, I am also known as the Sultan of Squash. 


SUPANSA PHOLKAEW + General Manager

With Prairie since 2009

I grew up in a farmhouse, in the country, surrounded by corn fields. They were my playground ever since I was little. I now have the honor to consider those fields as part of my work and research. With the combination of my industrial engineering experiences and my background as a farmer, I have the privilege of helping seed producers all around the world. I want to entrench their investment towards high quality technology and innovations while ensuring the best quality seeds to farmers.