Seed Enhancement


PETKUS:ROEBER MultiCoater CM.png

The PETKUS/ROEBER MultiCoater "CM" newly defines chemical treatment, encrusting and pelleting. The PETKUS CM uses air cushion technology during the encrusting and pelleting of seeds, which not only allows for gentle-handling, but the subsequent drying and reduction of dust abrasion. All treatments, including diluting agents, dyes, polymers or other pelleting and coating substances, can be applied subsequently and/or at different times and intensities. Within a single batch and machine, the product can be treated and dried simultaneously. Encrusted or pelleted seeds need not be dried in any further steps and as such an individual grain remains an individual grain.

The MultiCoater works according to the rotor-stator principle. Seed is loaded into the mixer batch-wise. The dosing of the chemical agent and additives is done via inductive flow meters. The seed is fed in by means of a precision electropneumatic batch scale and gravimetric dosing. The chemical agent and seed quantities are measured continuously and thus the actual and target values are compared and automatically adjusted throughout an ongoing process. A perforated spraying disc creates an extremely fine dispersion of the chemical agent at a wide spraying angle.  The rotor and stator are made of smooth, electro-polished stainless steel, so there is no chemical agent residue adherence. Deflecting elements made of plastic, with a form similar that of an aircraft wing draw the seed into the middle in an optimized and aerodynamic manner, ensuring excellent mixing.

The highlight of the MultiCoater is its sophisticated air management. Air passes through nozzles and an adjustable gap between the stator and rotor. This creates an air cushion between the stator wall and the seeds which dramatically reduces the friction stress. Towards the end of the coating process the air flow rate can be, increased to further dry the seed. Coated seeds do not need to be dried in another process step.


  • Improved abrasion value and reduced mechanical stress

  • Treatment and drying in one step

  • Improvement of flow properties

  • Innovative air flow technology with air-cushion effect

  • Fluid metering using MID

  • Self-learning system with fully automatic adjustments

  • Rotor-stator with self-cleaning effect

  • Maximum recipe flexibility and recipe saving

  • Easy operation by touch panel

  • Process data recording and documentation

  • Absolutely uniform and complete coating of the grain surface

  • Easy maintenance and accessibility through 180-degree swivel lid

  • Fast coupling and decoupling of the PCA (Product, Chemical and Aspiration) connections


Belt Dryer

Belt Dryer.png

The PETKUS Belt Dryer unites drying effectiveness with quality results. An ingenious air flow solution allows for highly efficient, yet gentle drying. The integrated belt cleaner reduces manual labour and eliminates cross-contamination with materials such as chemical residues. The new PETKUS belt dryer is a performance boost for high value seed. Gentle and efficient drying guarantees that quality remains quality.

The PETKUS Belt Dryer was developed to gently and flexibly dry seed after chemical treatment. During the coating process large amounts of liquid are sometimes sprayed leading to moisture pick-ups of up to 5%. Fluctuating weather conditions or high humidity also influence moisture content thus making seed drying an inevitable step to preserve germination capacity and improve sowability / flowability.

Warm air is fed from the side through 2 hot air channels by 2 separate fans allowing air to flow through the product homogeneously from below. The temperature can be individually regulated. Four temperature sensors allow for optimal monitoring and control of the drying process thus preventing product from overheating and preserving germination capacity / vigour. The PETKUS Belt Dryer ensures that desired optimal residual moisture levels can be realized. Warm air flows through the fluidized product and absorbs moisture as water evaporates from the surface of the kernels. The moist air then flows onward through the air outlet.


  • Preserves germination capacity & improves flowability

  • Efficient & gentle drying

  • Individual temperature control

  • Variable product flow speed

  • Temperature sensors for continuous monitoring and control

  • Reduced abrasion and improved Heubach values

  • Integrated automatic belt cleaning (optional)

  • System for recycling used water