Vegetable Seed Conditioning

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MultiCoater CM Series

MultiCoater CM series.png

The PETKUS MultiCoater CM Series redefines chemical seed treatment. The key feature is the unique air management with a sophisticated air cushion technology that turns the PETKUS/ROEBER coater into a highly advanced and modern machine.  With its very gentle treating and coating process, the CM series ensures reduced dust-off emissions that is compliant to international standards for certified seeds (e.g. Heubach). This kind of seed treatment offers a considerable improvement regarding the film coating, encrusting and pelleting compared to traditional batch treaters.


  • Improved abrasion value and reduced mechanical stress

  • Treatment and drying in one step

  • Improvement of flow properties

  • Innovative air flow technology with air-cushion effect

  • Fluid metering using MID

  • Self-learning system with fully automatic adjustments

  • Rotor-stator with self-cleaning effect

  • Maximum recipe flexibility and recipe saving

  • Easy operation by touch panel

  • Process data recording and documentation

  • Absolutely uniform and complete coating of the grain surface

  • Easy maintenance and accessibility through 180-degree swivel lid

  • Fast coupling and decoupling of the PCA connections


Roeber OS-f Class

OS-f Class OptoSelector.png

The new ROEBER OS f-class allows to clean small seeds at highest quality level where nowadays standard color sorters fail. The innovative material transport system is well synchronized with the newly developed ejection system. A high-resolution full color camera system based on latest high-tech optical components detects tiny differences to ensure purest fine seed lots. The OS f-class is scalable to provide you with the sorting width and capacity you require for your processing line.


  • Easy to clean

  • TEACHNSORT Smart+ technology

  • Full color inspection

  • Shape detection

  • Sophisticated object splitting

  • Kernel-by-Kernel analysis

  • Automatic & manual & mixed-mode teach-in

  • Capacity Measurement

  • Changeable Background Color 


Gravity Table Series

Gravity Table Series.png

The new Gravity Table G f-series combines state of the art aerodynamics with counterbalancing that allows each kernel to flow unhindered to the outlet port.

Using the most modern simulation tools available the design of the table between the fans and the table top was optimized to produce a laminar air flow whose pressure and speed is consistent at all points on the table. This not only leads to optimized sorting results but also to higher performance levels for the new generation of gravity tables.


  • Variable Vibration

  • Precise adjustment of the table angle on both planes

  • Table angles are quick and easy to change

  • Electrical height adjustment

  • Easy opening of the deck with gas springs

  • Minimum vibration due to the new counter balancing system

  • Equal air pressure and distribution due to the optimized aerodynamics